Thursday, October 5

Iyad Abu Aya murdered by the police, policing the police

The man killed yesterday by the border police in Jaffa was 29 year old Iyad Abu Aya, a construction worker (illegally) employed in a project in Jaffa's fleamarket area. Iyad Abu Aya will be buried today in Tarkumiya, his home village in the occupied West Bank.

Initially the police claimed Abu Ayad tried to rob the police man from his gun and to escape. This story has been found untrue by Mahash (as stated in yesterday's post, "mahash is the Ministry of Justice's department responsible for investigating complaints about illegal police behavior, the "police's police", so to say). The policeman responsible has been put under house arrest.
This much was known already yesterday evening.

It is interesting to see how Israeli newspapers and news websites follow the case.
Ha'aretz' Hebrew print edition carries the story on its front page with the header "Police claim challenged" and reporters put it in the wider context of "the easy finger on the trigger" when the Israeli police encounter Palestinians.
Yediot (ynet) do not bother to rectify the story and keep claiming the man tried to grab the gun.

The International Middle East Media Center provide a different name , Tawfiq, for the victim, and provide a short account.

The Jerusalem Post, Israel's leading English language newspaper, tells the details of the story without mentioning the victims name. Eye and ear witnesses forced the police to investigate and the 19 year old police man broke under the investigation and admitted his crime.

Even ultra right-wing "Arutz Sheva" points out the Palestinian man was shot by the police for no reason at all.

The Arab English language news source "Al Bawaba" carries the story in an interesting way, as it misquotes Ha'aretz, putting it in the context of Hamas killings by Israel in the occupied territories.


G said...

Very sad to hear of this illegal migrant's death in Jaffa.Hope the police will investigate and prosecute the Border Policeman if there is evidence against him.Most of the Border police personnel are Arab or Druze .Is that correct?

Big problem in Jaffa with the illegal migrants who don't have permits or visas to be in Israel,,especially dangerous are those illegal Palestinians who live in Nablus and come to Jaffa to help suicide bombers blow up Israelis.

Israel has democratic values to uphold.It is not like the Arab countries where like Egyptian police shoot dead Sudanese illegal migrants in Cairo a few months ago outside UN mission or the Moroccon police who shot dead the illegal migrants trying to get into the Spanish enclave.

Yudit Ilany said...

Most of the border police are Jews, although many come form minority groups such as recent migrants form the ex Soviet Union territories and men from an Ethiopian background, the weaker groups in Israeli society.
There are also quite a few Druze (although they are a minority) and a tiny amount of Israeli Arabs.

I do not know the name of the killer policeman, nor his ethnic background, but i don't think that matters very much, he is a killer who killed an innocent man, after he had forced him to lay down in a bathtub in the building in which he worked in construction.
Although he indeed did not have a permit, he was just another youg laborer trying to provide for his young pregnant wife.
The VERY large majority of the socalled "illegal migrants" are just that: people trying to scrape by a living building our houses. A tiny minority (less than 1%) are invloved in other acts.