Saturday, October 14

Police Violence in Jaffa, the Sequel

Friday late afternoon, the muezzin makes his long prayer call at the end to of the daily Ramadan fast.
Walking with a friend, in the area between Hassan Arafe school and the new construction site behind the harbor, west of Kedem street:
Four uniformed policemen (well three men and a police woman) were trying to arrest someone who had gotten out of a car.

People came out of the nearby house and another car. A discussion quickly develops into a fight of sorts, where the bystanders try to pull the arrestee out of the hands of the police, NOT attacking the police.

One of the police men tears of the hijab ( traditional headcover) of a religious Muslim woman, who was standing on the side. She was arguing, but not involved physically in the fight from where i could see it..
The situation escalated quickly. The police were calling in more forces, while the guy they tried to arrest managed to get away, leaving the police with only his shirt in their hands, jumping into a quickly disapparearing white car.

Many other police cars with blaring sirens started arriving from all directions within seconds, which suggest they must have been in the area already. Most of them driving very quickly, against the officially allowed traffic direction.

In the mean time the police arrested another guy, just for being on the scene.

A feeling of frustration in the air, of anger.

This is not going to end well.

And if you read Hebrew, this is the police version of the events. Six policemen? I saw only 4, unless ofcourse you count the numerous police cars arriving later. Police were lightly wounded? I was present and saw it with my own eyes. I did NOT see any police getting wounded.

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