Saturday, October 7

Jaffa Cat Gangs and Their Territories

Jaffa's cats are a breed apart, that is, the street cats. Not the pampered domestic creatures trying to pass as true felines. Affected actors, that's what they are. (and, to quote our friend A, a fairly well known movie & TV director, "being an actor is not a profession, it's a mental problem")
It's the true leaders of the street., i am talking about: mean, fierce and afraid of nothing.
Al Ajami has various cat territories, well defined and defended by the leading gangs occupying them.
Military language you think? Well yes, nothing else fits them (except for perhaps the scientific mumbo jumbo of the criminological creed).
Not unlike our human gangs, the street cats know their place: right at the top of the food chain.
For starters of my planned weekly series, i am presenting this seemingly cute creature.
As the my 4 regular readers of this blog are not all from Jaffa, and perhaps quite unfamiliar with our specific wildlife form of mutant power tigers, i'll start with the less menacing ones, not to scare you away.
Name: r u joking? Names r 4 home-hussies
Territory: the cat garden in Rabbi Hananina street, behind the "Freres" school.
Age: still quite young, but as most street cats die very young, this one is a survivor.
Character: mean (i know , i know, it looks nice & cuddly, but i also saw it when a strange cat had the audicity to enter the Hanina cat garden)
Preferred food: mice, rats, food left by cat loving residents of the street (or maybe that's protection money, you do NOT want to mess with the tigers of the cat garden, this is Jaffa after all).
Conspiracy suspicion: Rabbi Hanina street is one of Jaffa's wealthiest streets, preferred by new migrants from France and wealthy Jewish residents (originally from north Tel Aviv), who love the romanticism of Jaffa. In short, a pretty street inhabited by the wealthy,. who go for the "authentic but lite" version of Jaffa, "Jaffa diet" so to say, and a great favorite with Jaffa's thieves. Are the cats the informers? Are they on the payroll of the thieves?
Nah, they are on both sides' payrolls, so they are quite well fed and even have their own statue in the form of a cat-fountain right in the middle of cat garden.

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