Tuesday, December 30

1000 Palestinians and Jews march in Jaffa against the war

Over one thousand people, both Palestinians and Jews, marched peacefully last night from Gan Hashnayim (The original name of this little park was actually the "Gaza People Park) to the Ajami Mosque in solidarity with the people of Gaza and against the war.
In addition a few representatives from the European Community met with some of the demonstrators.
The atmosphere was tense with lots of policemen around, but all went well and peacefully.


Anonymous said...

Wow 1000 Palestinians marched. How many Israelis exist in Israel. Millions?

You are just alienating yourself from average Israelis and generating hatred against you. You are hardly going to effect policy.

And you are acting in a seditious manner.

Scott said...

Here's the truth of the matter!


Kumbaya said...

I hope they have an ecumenical march like this in Gaza. Oh wait, it's Jew free.

Neal said...

"In addition a few representatives from the European Community met with some of the demonstrators."

Of course they did as the so-called "European Community" is dominated by the Germans.

And we are know what lurks just beneath the German psyche waiting for a chance to reemerge again.

yudit said...

Another "real" democrat has joined the conversation on O c c u p i e d.
He also claims to be a specialist one something called "a national psyche". Even more lovely. And if bro' Neal is such a specialist on the national psyche, maybe he (or she or it) could do some quicky psychoanalysis on that of "the" Israelis?

Neal said...

Understanding the German psyche is easy. They are a bunch of Jew Hating Sadomasochists.

What I don't understand is what is in the Jewish Psyche that results in so many Self Hating Jews? Where does that self-destructive tendency that so many Jews have come from?

I thought you might be able to help me with that one.

J.P. said...

Neal, how come such a smart person like you to waste his time on a such a lousy blog like Yudit's.