Wednesday, December 31

Some thoughts about the situation

Medical personnel of a Norwegian medical NGO just informed us through the media, that about 40% of the dead and wounded are women and children, which makes it quite clear that the targets are not military (not that it would be OK, IF the targets were military). there is very little food, no fuel, not enough medicine and medical equipment, nor the infrastructure to take care of the many wounded and the needy population. Israel says some aid is led through, but it has not arrived at the hospital, Israel is lying, not for the first time.
The French proposals for a temporary truce have not been accepted by the Israeli leadership.

The simplistic statement "but they started" is on the level of a 6-year old's "but he hit me first, mummy".
It seems so obvious, but when i listen to what is being said by many people, in the streets and in the media, i realize that perhaps things are after all not that obvious. After the colonists and their colonies were removed from the Gaza Strip, Israel closed off the Gaza-strip which was turned into one big prison. Nor enough food, not enough medicine and medical equipment, no schoolbooks, no gaz and often the electricity was shut off. People weren't allowed out nor in. In some cases mothers had been on a family visit in the West Bank, yet they could not return to their children. Students who had been accepted into foreign universities, often with full scholarships, lost their registration when they were not allowed to leave, whilst others, who wanted to go back home upon finishing their studies, got stuck abroad, unable to go back to their home in Gaza. The Gaza Strip became one big prison-camp. And due to the lack of everything, conditions worsened. No doubt the people from Gaza got incredibly angry. The ceasefire last several months, yet Israel made no steps towards any real political solution. Breaches of the ceasefire were regularly carried out by Israel. And yes, there were also a few Palestinian ones.
And i do not justify those, nor the Israeli ones.

The hideous Israeli attack on Gaza led to attacks on Israel, also on civilian targets. There have been a few victims and i feel awful about every single one. But these assaults do not justify the violence against Gaza. The cycle of violence is at full run.
Yet all of us know the solution can only be political. A giving up of ALL territories. Solving the refugee problem and Israel's becoming a truly democratic state.
We all know it, and i understand many Israelis feeling scared of the implications. There there is no other solution.
And the longer we wait, the more violence, the more hate, the more bloodshed.



Anonymous said...

"French proposals for a temporary truce."

Why doesn't it surprise me that it was the French who proposed it?

By the way did you hear about the French Gun that was up for sale on Ebay.

It was almost like new. It had only been dropped twice.

Bennauro said...

Why doesn't it surprise you, Anonymous?
We cannot wait to read your answer!
One hour to midnight, and a new year is dawning: Obama, Sarkozy, Medvedev, the Pirates of Somalia, a new Middle East, Livni (if everything goes well), Netanyahu (if everything goes bad), you and thankfully Yudit, one of the last free voices of the blogosphere your side of the Dardanelles!
A big hug to all of you!

yudit said...

Bennauro, thanks for the hug, i need it :)
But Livni is bad as well, i feel there is no alternative, all of the candidates are scary and none give us any reason for hope.

Freidenker85 said...

Can you cite examples of when did Israel break the truce apart from the November attack? (When Israel bombed tunnels in Gaza and torched a car with 5 Palestinians in it?)

What can you say about the fact that during the entire Tahadiya, there has been several rockets launched at Israel every month? (Very few in comparison with the last two months, true.)

Savtadotty said...

Hamas uses women and children as human shields, by positioning leaders and rocket launching stations as close as possible to densely populated areas. They want to ensure maximum civilian deaths and injuries on both sides. They sacrifice their own families in order to manipulate the Western media. It's unthinkable, so I can understand why civilized people come to the wrong conclusion.