Monday, December 15

The continuation of home demolitions in Jaffa

Yesterday evening i visited Fauzie Dake, whose home was partially demolished by the municipality that same day.
It was cold and wet. The floor, noty much else remained, was muddy.
The area smells bad. After the rains the area Fauzie lives in, is habitually flooded by a mixture of rain and sewage.

Fauzie lost her home three times.
The first home still stands there, flooded. It has been empty for years.
Each time after the rain it was flooded. The main sewage pipe of the area runs underneath. The rain & flood water pipes are connected to the sewage system. More over, as the Dake Orange Grove (in spite of its name, it's a slummy neighborhood constructed in an area owned by the Dake clan who prior to 1948, the Naqbe, used to grow oranges) has an unclear legal standing, the municipality never did much to take care of the problem, until, some 6 years ago, a little child drowned in his home, when the flood waters rose to quickly to get him out in time.

Some construction work was carried out, but it solved the problems only partially.

Fauzie simply left her old home and renovated an existing shack owned by the family. Its higher location promised the home would stay dry, although it becomes an island after heach heavy rain, when it's surrounded by a smelly lake of rain and sewage.

Last August part of the home was destroyed. Fauzie has nowhere to go with her terminally ill husband, so she replacedthe roof with thin but rainproof materials and continues living in the ruins of what was her second home.

Yesterday the municipality decided to destroy what had been left standing.
They destroyed part of the second room and removed the "roof" of the living room.

And Fauzie? And her husband? The municipality doesn't really care.

The Dake orange grove continues to be a slum, although it has the potential of being turned into a paradise. But that is not what the municipality wants.

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