Saturday, December 27

Over 145 killed in Gaza, in Jaffa the party goes on

The news from the Gaza strip is getting worse and worse, but in Jaffa the part "fore the three holidays" (Hanuka, Christmas and Eid ElAdha) goes on. The streets are full of partying people, eating, laughing and listening to happy zionist and Arabic wedding songs.
The Children's "Peace Choir" things songs about peace, composed in the time of the Oslo agreements. How can they?

And hell in Gaza.

For those of you located in Jaffa, we're organizing now to protest.
Come to the "Jaffa" Headquarters at 103 Yefet Street

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Steve said...

Out of the 230 killed only 15 were civilians.

Remember, whoever is merciful to the cruel, will ultimately be cruel to the merciful.

It is about time that Israel strikes back. Anyone who would organize a protest to this is really a traitor to Israel.