Sunday, December 21

Hate grafiti on Jaffa's "Sea Mosque"

Today the early morning prayer at Jaffa's "Sea Mosque" was different:
Hate grafiti had been sprayed on the ancient doors, threatening the lives of Jaffa's Palestinian citizens and comparing the Prophet to a pig.
Jaffa based Sheikh Ahmad Abou Agoua of the Northern Islamic Movement pointed out the connection between the official stand taken by some of Israel's high ranking politicians and this kind of acts.
A complaint has been filed at the police but one wonders what will happen with it.
Just one more hateful act against Jaffa's Palestinian population by some crazy hotheads, or is this part of a wider strategy?


J.P. said...

If they want to be regarded as tough they should spray in bright daylight.
Last Friday I saw an immense "tag" on a new train, how distasteful.
Makes me sad to be surrounded by ignorance.

Naeda said...

Tags are one thing, they can be fun and even beautiful. Hate graffiti is something different.