Saturday, December 27

Anti-War Demo opposite the Ministry of Defence

Some two thousand people gathered this night to protest, walking from the Tel Aviv Cinemateque to the Ministry of Defence in Tel Aviv's "Kiriya", shouting slogans in favour of peace and against the war-crimes committed by the Israeli government and the IAF.
The police, among them the horse brigade, tried to violently break up the demo several times, hitting the demonstrators who were trying to get away from the charging horses with their clubs and horse whips.
MK Dov Khenin adressed the gathering.

And for more information about civil action.
Video of the demo


Steve said...

Explain to me how this isn't sedition?

The protesters are traitors to Israel.

Only 15 civilians died in these attacks.

The rest really were bad guys.

And this was after Hamas attacked Israel over and over again.

Remember whoever is merciful to the cruel, will ultimately be cruel to the merciful.

Ted said...

All you are are doing is creating a wedge between you lefties and the general Israeli public.,7340,L-3645241,00.html

The only way you are influencing them is you are making them hate you.

yudit said...

In a place where those committing war crimes are considered heroes, i guess it is an honour to be called a traitor.

Luke said...

I'd sometimes wish to be a leftist!

a sane voice ... said...

You are not a traitor. You are a true patriot when you want to stop wanton murder.

Anonymous said...

This is war. And war is Hell.

Too bad that Israel was forced into this position. They had no other option.