Sunday, December 28

System Ali - 1 Minute of Silence

The evening started with a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the murderous attacks by the IAF in the Gaza Strip.
Amne was crying. Muhamad Ajuan and Yonatan Kunde had tears in their eyes, on stage at Jaffa's "Mandel" Cultural Center.

This was not another evening of Jaffa's leading rappers, "System Ali". It had been advertised as an evening of Jaffa poetry and rap. But how can one go to a poetry evening when people are dying just a short car-ride away?

So there were no musical instruments, no fun, no beat, no happiness. Many of the texts were written over the last 24 hours, reflecting the horror we all feel, the pain, the worry, the anger and the helplessness.

On my way, while sitting in bus nr. 10, a stone was thrown at the bus by someone in the angry crowd, gathered at the Muslim Scouts Club, where a Mourning Tent has been erected. Unpleasant, sure, but also understandable. So much anger, fear and frustration have been cropped up over the last few days.
The busdriver had to stop as a car in front of us got stuck. Some of the people in the bus started shouting at the driver to quickly drive off. "They might lynch us" they screamed, in real panic.

I have no doubt the women, who were in the bus with me, really felt scared although there was no danger at any moment. From their conversations afterwards i realized their perceived feeling of being in danger and the resulting fear, led to extremist views, of perhaps the extremist views were there before and the stone only strengthened something they already felt, based on ingrained misconcepts.
Yet a situation like that could have easily exploded. What if one of them had been armed? A guard woman on her way to her job perhaps?
Israeli society is sick and militarised and that by itself poses a grave danger.


Anonymous said...

Of course there was a danger of being lynched.

I am surprised that more Israelis don't carry guns. I thought they all walked around with Izzus.

Well those Palies are a dangerous bunch. It is sad that innocent people have to die but that is the nature of war. And they did bring it upon themselves.

You weren't all crying when it was the Israelis who were dying because of the Hamas missiles.

Steve said...

This says it all.,7340,L-3646169,00.html

The states demanding that Israel adhere to certain moral standards do not even dream of asking the same of her enemies. After all, we are dealing with theocracies and dictatorships, where homosexuals are publicly hanged, where women are regularly stoned for undermining their “family’s honor,” and where children suspected of theft have their arms severed. What do these states have to do with the value of human life? We should therefore ask representatives of global opinion: Be honest with yourselves - Do the lives of humans being butchered daily in Iraq, Afghanistan and Darfur arouse you into similar action? Reality indicates this is not the case.

roche said...

I think the fact Israeli peope have access to guns had made a possitive impact in terrorism. Remembers the last terrorist attact to an school was stopped by a child.

"One of the students, Yitzhak Dadon, said he shot the attacker twice in the head. "I laid on the roof of the study hall, cocked my gun and waited for him. He came out of the library spraying automatic fire," he said. "

I am probably biased. But you need to understand why they are militarized.

yudit said...

Ok, we already suspected it, but now you've clearly shown it to us "those Palies" , showing you re simply a bigoted racist.

There was no danger at any time of being lynched that bus) different from the Haredi Jews (ultra orthodox) in Jerusalem when they throw stones at cars because they drive on shabat.But the likes of you use such "suspiciions" in order to justify actiona against "the other".

Anonymous said...

Did you know that two thousand years ago a Roman citizen could walk across the face of the known world free of the fear of molestation? He could walk across the earth unharmed, cloaked only in the words Civis Romanis I am a Roman citizen. So great was the retribution of Rome, universally understood as certain, should any harm befall even one of its citizens.

Jeff said...

Let's see.

It's "the Bible People" vs those who danced and passed out candy on 9-11.

Not too hard to figure out who we should be rooting for here.

Perdix said...

Vat is an Izzus?

Anonymous said...

Here's "the other".

Mo-ha-med said...

Of course "those Palies" are a dangerous bunch. As a matter of fact, all those brown people are. They wake up in the morning and, instead of cooking breakfast for their children, they hatch evil plots in their weird and evil language.

And it's called an Uzi, not an Izzu, you chimp.

Scott said...

I don't have any sympathy for people who danced and passed out candy on 9-11.

yudit said...

It just shows how little knowledge you have, Scott.
I have no idea where that video you sent was taken, but it was not in Jaffa.
"System Ali" is a rap group of young people (who were small children during 9/11), Palestinians, Jews and Russian immigrants...
They do their rap in Arabic, Hebrew and Russian.

There is no connection between them and the video, so what are you trying to imply?
I guess that what your comment really shows, is that you are just another racist, accusing people who things they had no connection to.

Anonymous said...

The point is that Palestinians danced and passed out candy on 9-11.

There is no such thing as an "innocent" Palestinian.

And, now their chickens have come home to roost.

About time!

Anonymous said...

Mohamed, there is sure a lot of you people with that name.

How do you distinguish between all of you?

I mean if someone comes up in a crowd and says Hey, Mohamed, how are you doing do a bunch of you respond?

At least it makes it easier if you forget someones name. Just call that person Mohamed and more likely than not you would probably be correct and the person would not know you forgot their name.

"And it's called an Uzi, not an Izzu". Well you would be the expert on that. Or do you prefer AK-47s?

Anonymous said...

Palies are taught from birth to be terrorists.

yudit said...

From now on racist remarks such as the above will be removed

Mo-ha-med said...

Yudit, techaki, bevakasha! Anashim ka-ele meod matschikim!

Izzu-boy: Indeed, many of us. Some say it's the most commonly used name in the world really. So how do we distinguish between one-another:
We use numbers.

You may call me Mohamed 75014.

This said, in a place like Saudi Arabia, they actually call people Mohamed as a 'generic' name. So for instance, you don't know the name of the waiter: "Ya Mohamed"! (well, we'd say 'hey buddy, which is just as logical anyhow..)

There you go, Izzu, I hope you can go back to your empty youtube-watching life feeling a little less stupid today.

Regarding the video on 9/11: it is indeed very sad that this would've occurred. Assuming it has really happened: at the time, many challenged the veracity of the content, as they said that this was actually archival footage from 1990 (when a country name Iraq, you may have heard of it Izzu, invaded its neighbour Koweit (which I'm sure you've never heard of)).
On the assumption that this footage is real, it would indeed be really sad.

But to go from there to reveling in their death as you do, is erroneous, unfair, and quite pathetic really.

yudit said...

Masbout, habibi, you have a point, they ARE funny in some perverted way :)

Anonymous said...

You go to Saudi Arabia a lot, huh Mo?

Chimp said...

Shrimp would have been more appropriate.