Sunday, December 28

Tomorrow Demo in Jaffa

Tomorrow December the 29th at 17.00 o'clock in "Gan HaShnayim", at the corner of Yefet and Ehrlich street, the re will be a demo against the continuation of the war against Gaza and the war crimes committed by the Israeli army.

Please come and forward the information!


Anonymous said...

The only on here doing anything illegal is you by committing treason.

yudit said...

Wrong, for a picket line of up to 50 people you do not need a permit.

And if holding up a mirror to your ugly face is treason then i am proud to be a "traitor". Rahter that that being a cooperator to the war crimes committed by the Israeli army

Anonymous said...

Sedition is illegal.

Don't have the right to give aid and comfort to the enemy and that is exactly what you are doing by helping them in the propaganda war.

Anonymous said...

War Crimes- in reality there's no such thing.

In War it's kill or be killed. That's the only law.

War is Hell and you can not refine it.

Anonymous said...

Yet you said more than 50 people were at the protest so you do need a permit

yudit said...

as a permit was given for a larger demo, it was carried out