Sunday, December 28

Reserves are being called up: land operations near... and another demo

Some 7000 reserve soldiers are being called up after the government gave its authorization. It implies land operations can start soon.
Haven't they had enough? All this violence leads to nothing but more violence.

Jaffa is full of police, both regular and special forces. The atmosphere is depressed. Many stores are closed and few people walk around in the streets of Ajami in spite of the lovely weather. The horse brigade keeps its horses close to the Arab Jewish Community Center, ready for action as one of the policemen said.

We will be demonstrating today at 18.00 o'clock in Tel Aviv on the corner of King George and Ben Zion street


Anonymous said...

All you are doing is generating hatred towards you and your movement by these seditious protests.

You are certainly not convincing anyone to agree with your point of view.

yudit said...

What you mean it that YOU are not convinced. No problem.
There are quite a few like you. And it is because of your kind of people that we are in this mess. Wishing to silence others who express a different opinion from yours, accusing those who hold up a mirror to you, that they are the ones with the ugly face