Wednesday, December 24

Amidar rennovates, the roof comes falling down

Natalie Hasian was fast asleep at 4 o'clock this morning, huddled underneath a thick winter blanket, which saved her life, when the ceiling came falling down on her.
About half a year ago her home was renovated by the owner, the Amidar public housing company.
The municipality demanded Amidar to renovate the home. The old roof was made of asbestos. Natalie's mother, a widow raising her children alone, couldn't afford to do so on her widow's pension. Nor should she, the family live in public housing after all. There is an owner, who is supposed to be responsible.

Natalie is a student and a social activist, born and raised in Jaffa. She is active in the popular committee against home demolitions.
She noticed the builder was doing a shoddy job. The overseer from Amidar told the builder "not to use so many materials, to keep it as cheap as possible". The family noticed the job wasn't done very well, but the builder said that "this is what he is told to do".
Yesterday winter started. Heavy rains and strong winds. The roof let the water through and the water seeped into the ceiling, which became water logged and too heavy for the small screws that attached it to the ancient half rotten wooden beams which had not been replaced.

Natalie was asleep when the ceiling came down on her. Thankfully the blankets protected her and although she has a big bump on her head, and felt a bit fuzzy, she wasn't badly wounded. Her room is destroyed and wet, her computer screen and her brother's laptop which were on the table have been destroyed and her study books are gone. The same goes for her clothes and the rug.

Natalie called the Amidar company who came over and laughed. No repairs have been carried out until now.
Natalie will sleep in the icy living-room tonight. Amidar demanded Natalie's mum to participate in the cost of the renovation.

Public housing in Israel....

Home Natalie

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ee said...

Or rather, believable, believable.

"Natalie called the Amidar company who came over and laughed."
This is the worst, absolutely disgusting.
I am in the process of moving and feel so lucky that I don't have to depend on the goverment or state offices.
I am also going to use the list of women workers from the Rape Crisis Centre for all of my moving needs.
That way I practise what I preach!

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat said...

My name is Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan from Tzfat.

On YOu Tube I am SilverRedIndigo.

I am sending a link to this blog to the UN Human Rights Commission as part of a Report I am filing against Amidar to the UN.

My e-addy is

yudit said...

good luck, it is about time Amidar got dealt with the way they treat their clients