Sunday, December 28

Medical storage rooms in Gaza have been bombed by the IAF

I just learned the medical equipment and medicine storage rooms in the Gaza strip have been bombed.
In addition it has become difficult to impossible to transport wounded.

Is there no mercy?


Anonymous said...


There is no mercy in war.

War is Hell. You can not refine it.

But Israel was left with no other option.

yudit said...

Really? Israel has tons of options: e.g. giving up the territories and solving the refugee problem, becoming a state for all its citizens' accepting the peace offer from the Arab Countries: there're so many options, but Israel loves feeling strong, making strong and violent statements that will lead to nowhere except more bloodshed and more suffering

Anonymous said...

I meant no REAL option.

Giving away its land is no real option. No country would do that.

And what peace offer? Israel pursues peace and all it gets back is missiles.

Arabs aren't ones who can understand peace. That is just not in their culture.

And by the way, Israel doesn't merely feel strong, IT IS STRONG. It is just now that its will is as strong as its might.

roche said...


Realesing territories is not an option. Can't you see what happend with gaza after they leave?

Israel is target of expression like "they should be erase from the earth face" said by Iran President.

Israel State is there because they defeat the Arab countries. Not because they offer a paceful solution.

Hamas don't want an Isreli State. They wan't to rule the land where Israel is.

Oh yes yes a protect their people.

Anonymous said...

These are the same people who danced on 9-11 and passed out candy.

And now they want our sympathy?

yudit said...

The occupied territories (the Gaza strip, the West Bank including East Jerusalem) are not ours to begin with, so we are not giving up anything.
Other than that, history shows all countries have given up land at some time or other, so your statement is nothing but uninformed blah blah.

A peace offer was given by ALL Arab states (but for Iran) signed by all to offer peace and recognition, some weeks ago. The Israeli authorities selected to bluntly ignore it.

By using the term "THE Arabs" (there isn't such an entity unless you wish to be very simplistic) you once more show your lack of understanding, knowledge and racism...

Anonymous said...

"accepting the peace offer from the Arab Countries..."

You used the term "Arab" first.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering how you feel about the mercy shown to dissidents, I mean collaborators, who were shot in the head yesterday in Gaza hospitals? Is your silence complicity?