Tuesday, January 6

Anti-war demo in Jaffa: observing a minute of silence for the victims

Several hundreds, both Jews and Palestinians, attended an anti war demonstration today in Jaffa.Yes, yet another one. I've almost started to loose count. New faces, people i never expected to see in a demo. Eldery women, mothers of some of the "regulars", who always warned us not to demonstrate, suddenly they are there, Sara, Aysha and Mary (although it's Christmas for Jaffa's orthodox Christian community today, who use a different calendar) were there. Many young mothers with their small children. The news on AlJazeera, which is what most of us watch, as there are no other news sources inside the Gaza strip except for well, the IDF spokesperson, and there is rather a discripancy between the spokes person's version and what is going on.
People lighted candles and observed a minute of silence in memory of the victims, especially the 45 people killed today by the IDF, mostly children and women who took refuge in an UNWRA school, after their homes had been destroyed or after it had become impossible to sat in them any longer.
"Stop the killing of children" read many of the placards carried by the participants.
The police had constructed an enormous double-fenced cage for the demonstrators to stand any, caged like animals.
Many people in Jaffa have family in Gaza. Many have not been able to talk to each other since the war started, but some of the news has reached us. One neighbour lost her sister and the sister's 17 year old son. A younger daughter has been wounded.
The conditions in Gaza's "Shifa" hospital, after yesterday's bombing are terrible: There is a lack of everything and too many wounded for the exhausted staff. The failing electricity, the lack of drugs and surgical gloves as well as the lack of anesthetics make professional medical care close to impossible. Ambulances have been shot at, their staff killed or badly wounded.

This stupid violence will not lead to anything except more hate. If i were religious i guess i would pray for it to end. But i'm not, and all i can do is tell our story. And show you some of what is going on. And i want to scream it out:

Stop killing the children
PLEASE, stop killing the children


Anonymous said...

Since when has the left been concerned about not killing babies?

Isn't it above your pay grade.


yudit said...

I am wondering about publishing this kind of hate comments. On the one side they show clearly how sick and full of hate parts of our society are.
They way he spells G-D suggest he (or she?) is religious, but then religion and morality aren't synonymous

Anonymous said...

Why don't you care about these victims?

You don't care about them because they are victims of Hamas.


yudit said...

Frankly, i care about all victims and do not care whether they are black, blue or green, Jewish or Muslim or Christian. All blood is red.

But while writing this comment, there are over 600 dead in Gaza. About 40% of them are women and children. there are also thousands of wounded, many of them who cannot get any medical attention or not enough of it, due to a lack of all medical supplies, medicines and equipment.
There is hardly any electricity and most communications are down. Ambulances and hospital are shot at,. but that most "humane" of armies, the "heroic" IDF.
There are tons of equipment waiting at the border. But "humane" Israel does not allow the equipment in. I guess they are scared the surgical gloves could be used as weapons to shoot antibiotic pills at heavily armed and protected soldiers.

Saima said...

To anonymous, you are obviously a sick creature that needs help. I'm a muslim and believe that the victims are in a better place and GOD is not sorting them out BUT waiting forYOU and the ANIMALS responsible for this tragedy.