Friday, January 2

Alternative information sources

The civilian toll (and i do not wish to make light of the military toll) on both sides is rising. I do not wish to compare what is happening in the Gaza strip to what happens inside Israel, as the scale is completely different. Yet at the same time, yes also inside Israel, people get killed and wounded and children are suffering badly.
The official Israeli information is untrustworthy to put it mildly. The information on the following sites is gathered from various NGO's in the Gaza strip and in Israel by Israeli human rights organizations.

For updated info in English

The same in Hebrew

In addition, you can watch AlJazeera, the only international media present in the Gaza Strip with a local staff. There are some local press agencies as well as bloggers and independent local journalists. The IDF are operating to have a complete media block-out, so they can control what news comes out. Thankfully, they cannot.

And a blog from Gaza: Tales to Tell

Humanitarian info from OCHA


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Yudit, it is nice to see that even in the face of so much violence and hate there are human beings capable of understanding and friendship.

From a brazilian in Sao Paulo,


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are really a traitor aren't you!

Why would you list al Jazeera as a credible source when the whole world sees it as just a modern day Pravda?

You really really really hate your homeland don't you.

Getting information about what is happening in the Middle East from al Jazeera is like getting information about what happened at Pearl Harbor from Tokyo Rose.

yudit said...

If i hated this place, i wouldn't be here. It's precisely because i love this place and care about it, that i fight against what i believe to be wrong.
Israeli TV and the majority of the media do not show what is happening INSIDE Gaza.
They keep repeating that they're "targeting the enemy, not the Gaza people", yet 40% of the wounded are women and children.
AlJazeera provides an alternative view and quite a decent one at that. They have correspondents inside Israeli and do try to show both sides of the conflict.
I doubt you have actually watched much AlJazeera.
Yes, no doubt there are biases (as an experienced ex-press photographer i have some experience: objectivity doesn't really exist).
But the Israeli press - except for perhaps Ha'aretz which still has some variety) is so one-sided, one cannot take it too much seriously.
It becomes necessary to get one's info from many sources and use that under-used part of ones body: your brain, anonymous!
I have no way if you are one nameless coward or one of many (one of the "jakes",, as it were).
Exposing yourself to different sources and opinions might open your mind a little.
But perhaps that is exactly what is so difficult, because you might start to feel less secure and certain of the "great leadership
" of this country, of its "justice".

Anonymous said...

Al Jazeera is the Tokyo Rose/Lord Hee Haw of the Terror war.

Only the gullible would really take it seriously at all.

You seem to be one of the useful idiots that is often talked about who helps the enemy from within sometimes without even knowing it.

Anonymous said...

Get yourself a bowl and drop in all the information you get, stirr and sift.
To open yourself to views from all directions will give the knowledge to express a clear opinion.

One truly has to live in the Ozarks to believe Tokyo Rose still to be broadcasting.

yudit said...

little nameless cowardly anonymous, you simply show me you have nore ever bothered to follow some of the news on all jazeera, you simply quote what you have been told by your leader about AlJazeera, not even enough brains to check it out for yourself apparently.
What you really are doing is showing your lack of independent thinking, of taking in the wealth the internet based news sources have to offer you. And yes, be critical, use your brain, most definitely not all on alJazeera is the truth, (THE truth , by the way, does not exist) but it might give you more information.
By the way, a very large part of the people in Israel and in the Middle East watch Al Jazeera, so even from the point of view of "hey i want to know what my neighbours use for forming their opinion, so i might be able to understand them much better.
It's almost amusing how you keep repeating yourself, your slogans bore me.
Are you capable of thinking beyond black and white? Or do the various shades of grey scare you?
Aren't you bored by your own slogans and simplistic statements?

Is your ability to analyze history really that limited?

Or are you one of the Jakes? And you feel that by commenting here you are part of the "war effort to keep Israel's image clean"?

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

I am an Egyptian Arab, and I thank you, not for anything but trying to search to understand and know.
And no matter what you are going to believe in at the end, I still think the world needs open minded people, who listens to all parties first...