Thursday, January 1

Right wing freaks "telling their nice little newspeak truth"

Today i read an amusing article in Ha'aretz, about a bunch of students and others, many from an Anglo-Saxon background, who have organized a kind of group reacting to left -wing and human rights blogs and spreading their very own branch of gutter b*s.

I guess they have this incredible need to "feel part" of the "great military effort" etc.
The article in Ha'aretz refers to their several websites, full of the type of komsomol language previously seen in stalinist publications. They are quite amusing as a matter of fact (if you're into that type of humour, hell, these guys take themselves seriously).

The terms they use to describe themselves are incredibly militaristic and pathetic, they just love the macho image they have created for themselves. I can just imagine them sitting cramped of their keyboards, perhaps munching "loof" in order to truly feel part of the effort. Maybe i am being unfair, should one wish one's enemy to munch on loof? Might that be considered a crime against humanity? Beteavon guys!

I guess this pretty much explains the presence of that inflation of right-wing commenters who have suddenly turned up commenting on this blog. I doubt very much they belong to my regular five and a half readers. Let's call them "Jakes" from now on in "honour" of one of the first of their bunch to turn up on this blog. Jake, you have become a noun, mazal tov!
The Jakes' often extremely racist and fascist views (in some cases i have selected not to publish their verbal diarhea) are so much lacking in argumentation and sound knowledge of even very basic facts, that they become quite amusing as commenter Mohamad pointed out and giving me a good laugh.

But at the same time i don't really want to waste my time on the "Jakey" type of stuff, so there will be a few rules from now on for commenters to this blog:
Different views are very welcome as long as they are put in non-discriminatory terms and observing basic rules of civility.
Racist remarks towards ethnic or religious minorities will be not admissible.

(As to the real Jakes: sorry guys, i have nothing against your name, honestly, you should blame the first Jake who happened to turn up in this blog)

As to another subtype of the Jakey kind, the craigs, who mostly seem to copy paste very long song text-like comments perhaps in hope people will give up reading comments, i will use the dreaded scissor tool impliying: plz keep your comments short and to the point, no need to repeat yourself ad nauseam.

*loof is something that comes in IDF food rations. There are a rumours it contains meat. It's most useful for removing rust. Feeding it the the enemy even when hungry is probably against the Geneva Convention on Human Rights or so. Sources reported it is fed by the shabak to their prisoners. i don't believe that, i mean even the shabak... no they couldn't, they wouldn't, now would they?
Oops, the Shabak, it's the internal security forces inside Israel and the occupied territories. There is a special law that allows them to use "medium pressure" on the people they question. In other countries this is known as "torture".


Freidenker85 said...

Congratulations, you now have 6.5 readers.

I find the distance ideology and shit-politics put between people like you and I as a human tragedy. There is nothing that would stop a person like you and a person like me from being good friends and acquaintances besides a human invention called "nationality".

Pay no attention to the tinfoil-hat-wearing twerps on my side of the fence. I promise you I already ignore malign idiots on your side of the fence as any representation of what Arabs truly are. My auto-mechanic is an Arab, and he's a sweet human being, he and his entire family (Mahmud Abu Hassan near Yefet Street, you might know him!) - His brother, by the way, was stabbed to death by a Jihadist terrorist a decade ago in the Purim terrorist attack.

Terrorists fight for no one and nothing.

Let your kind and mine unite in the name of humanity : no races, no nations, only co-operation and peace!

Anonymous said...

"their very own branch of gutter b*s."

you mean opposed to your branch of gutter b*s?

Anonymous said...

I assume you didn't read this article did you?

Israelis who blame Israel are not helping the Palestinians.

yudit said...

I have never considered Ari Shavit a beacon of profound thought. More over, i am not an "Israeli hating Israeli". That's just another cheap term resulting from shallow thought and quick judgement, without grasping the issue at hand.
Would i and many of my friends be haters, we wouldn't be here. Not one minute.
It's precisely because we care, very much, that we are involved and critical. And due to our long-term involvement and commitment, we see beyond the black and the white.
And due to our values (yes those "old fashioned things few Israeli politicians care about) we dare to be critical, also when they try to silence us, and when we are being called names and sometimes lose our jobs and lately our freedom . We believe in expressing our thoughts and opinions.
In Stalinist countries people are demanded "to love and accept all the leaders do, without any criticism.

Anonymous said...

Yudit, actually loof is quite edible when mixed with other ingredients or spiced. When in was in 11th grade and we visited an army base, and later during my service I ate it with no ill effects. Maybe not gourmet food, but you can still eat it.
(In those days I ate meat - I later became a vegetarian not necessary because of the loof...)

yudit said...

ee: spices as in hydrochloric acid? or were you on acid while eating AND writing your comment?
or hmmmm,.... have you lately joined the shabak?

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Yudit you crack me up.
"were you on acid while eating AND writing your comment?".
I wish.
I was writing about acid actually: sulphuric, hydrochloric, IPCHA, take your pick (making up accumulated work after moving).
Have you ever tasted loof, btw?
"have you lately joined the shabak?"
Umm, no Yudit, I prefer (not preaching to) the choir.

yudit said...

EE, you seem to actually like loof... and as you claim to be a vegetarian, r u suffering from an advanced case of nostalgia for the more traumatic periods in your life? Has early Alzheimer selectively wiped out your oral experiences/memories?

Anonymous said...

Hi EE, has this choir of you made any cd's.

a few years ago I have asked what this loof is, as these things more often do happen every country must have something like loof.
Ours is packed in a kind of square can and it just depends on ones mood if he wants to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I never claimed to like loof, just wrote that it was edible. I am still a vegetarian btw, and am quite healthy, physically and mentally, thank you for your interest...

J.P.: We haven't yet cut a CD, that is a future project of our conductor, she mentioned it lately. Up until now, we have been busy with workshops and appearing with another choir.