Wednesday, January 7

"The Jaffa Heiress" - Court Results

Just back from court and i don't know what to say except that we left a little confused. We had hoped for justice, true justice, which ofcourse was naive.
Instead we got out of court with a "pshara", a court approved compromise deal, in which the debt was returned to the original sum without interest and inflation hikes, to be paid a small monthly installments, which Intissar, although with some difficulty, will be able to meet. However, we had hoped for more, for a verdict that would clear her from the debt, which the court agreed was not hers at all.
Had Intissar been wealthier, perhaps she could have risked go for a law case, taking the risk she might loose and have to pay a lot. As she's poor, she went for the compromise. She couldn't afford to take the risk.
The good thing: no more debt arrests, nor threats, yet somehow justice was not served...
The truly bad thing: when you are poor, you cannot really afford to fight for your rights in court, even if you do not have to pay your lawyers' fees. You cannot risk loosing the fight, so you agree to a compromise that doesn't feel right.

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