Saturday, January 3

Huge demo against the war in Sakhnin

A huge demo is currently taking place in Sakhnin (in Israel's north). From what i heard just now somewhere way over 100.000 people are walking the streets of Sakhnin, protesting the war Israel wages angainst Gaza and Israel's war crimes.


Anonymous said...

Sakhnin is an Arab village so of course they would be protesting.

Big surprise there.

I hear there's lots of signs supporting Hamas at the protest.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Melbourne Australia

I have just been to a pro-Gaza rally here.

I work on a news service for unions in Asia Pacific region. I would like to find pictures of the rally in Sakhnin & Tel Aviv.

There is very little news about it, and I think it was a very important event.

I guess you have more info than me here. If you have links please post them

Thank you and solidarity

yudit said...

i'd like to send you info, but you're rather anonymous....
Contact me by mail?