Monday, January 12

Police harassment in Jaffa

Several of the people who participated in the silent mourning vigil in Jaffa yesterday, have been remanded by the police for investigation.
They were investigated by a police woman called Oshrat, who claimed they trespassed clause 151 of the penal code. Nothing we did was in fact illegal. But they want to scare us into keeping silent.

So much for Israeli "democracy". There was nothing illegal in yesterday's silent vigil. No speeches, no shouting,no one crossed the street in an unlawful manner.
It's quite clear they try to scare us into keeping silent, not doing anything that might be seen as disagreeing to what the "leaders" decide.

The right t demonstrate is a basic right. But the police do not recognize it. What ever is left of Israeli democracy has become a farce. Our most basic rights are being trampled. They want to scare us into silence.

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