Saturday, January 10

Silently Mourning the murdered Gaza children in Jaffa

We started off from two locations, dressed in black, silently walking along the streets of Jaffa.
At first there were perhaps some 10-15 of us. A few with burning torches, others carrying images of the children, Gaza's children, murdered by the IDF.

But along the streets of Jaffa more and more people joined us, many of the children and elderly, who never before participated in something even slightly political. They were silent as well. At the little park, today named after "the two" "Gan HaShnayim, but originally it was called the "Gazans' Garden, the two groups joined and all lighted candles and we just stood, silently.
What can one say when the little ones are murdered?
How can we stop this?
More and more people joined in spontaneously, standing silently with us, for about perhaps an hour in the dark Jaffa night. There were perhaps a 70-100 of us. Lighting candles, standing in silence. I saw tears in the eyes of some. The children, normally playful and smiling, were sad and held their candles and torches solemnly. The police came, but did not intervene.


Anonymous said...

Dear Yudit, I comment here but I could have done it under all your posts. I am with you. You Israeli (whatever Jews, Muslim or Christian) and Palestinians fighting for peace.
Media are awful in Italy as well, even form the 'other side', mainly, not showing Israeli people are protesting.
I support you. I'm marching with you.

yudit said...

Thanks and take care :)