Wednesday, January 7

"The Jaffa Heiress" goes to court today!

Over a year ago i wrote about Intissar (not her real name), a young (at the time still a minor) woman from Jaffa, who was about to be arrested for debts she "inherited" from her father.

Intissar's case has been taken up by the law clinic of Tel Aviv University's faculty of law and today Intissar goes to court to fight her case.
She will be represented by lawyers Ora Blum and Dori Spivak of the law clinic.
The case has been prepared by the lawyers and law students of the clinic.

Since the first publication of the story, Intissar has married and a few weeks ago she gave birth to her first son. She's worried about appearing in court today, but very much wants to put up a fight.

Intissar was placed outside of her home when she was still a baby, as her parents were not able to care for her. Her father, who died a few years ago, was addicted to drugs and made debts all around. The debts were passed on to his children.
Intissar's father registered his phone in Intissar's name when she was 2 years old and living with a foster family . The phone company never bothered to check, and ofcourse the father didn't pay the bill. The phone was cut off after a big debt had been run up. When Intissar was 12 years old, Bezeq, the phone company, took out their first debt arrest against the little girl, who wasn't aware of it. In fact, none of us knew about it until the clinic started to investigate the case. The amazing thing is that also the judge didn't bother to check nor ask questions, before he gave the arrest warrant although he did use the words "Intissar or her ward" so he must have paid attention to the fact the she was a very young child at the time.

So, this morning she'll be in court. Updates later on.

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